The Road Map

an exciting journey ahead of us, like none other.

What Can You Expect Before We Mint?

We hold weekly open discussions on Twitter and in Discord to generate polls for the communities' vote. We are built by you, for you! Additionally, we will launch KDAcademy, a one-stop source for all things KDA. And of course, most important of all, our giveaways are done bi-weekly!

Pre Mint

Crypto Mining Division Launch

With the ability to generate multiple millions of dollars yearly, the green renewable energy-powered mining division is the core feature that gives Full Spend Mining memberships their value. That's up to 200% APY generated per year per NFT. Did we mention we have options to have more than a 2.5X with our reinvestment schedule over the next 5 years? The best part is that it's all automated! Simply vote, sit back relax and watch your mining power grow!

Phase One

ASIC Data Center

The ASIC data center will begin being built. This is one of the core factors that make Full Spend Mining so lucrative and able to provide the unique benefits we do. This will enable us to become 100% self-reliant on our own green renewable energy. The data center will be built using less than 5% of mint funds and will be fully insured with business insurance.

Phase Two

Social Media Division Launch

Our social media division will broadcast all events including our sweepstakes onto social media in entertaining and fun ways. This will help the project grow and bring millions of views in free publicity while earning ad revenue off our content to further the goals of the DAO.

Phase Three

Full Spend DAO

The DAO will have 1:1 voting per NFT. The DAO can help decide the future of the club as well as the benefits to members. including, but not limited to: our re-investment schedule, what funds are allocated to what division to provide benefits to members, future mints/morphs, and more. The future is in your hands!

Phase Four

Staking Platform & Rewards

We will launch our platform that will enable you to stake your NFT to rent your allocation of a real Kadena miners or to temporarily opt out of passive rewards to test your luck in one of our life changing giveaways. You'll be able to earn rewards paid directly in KDA for life!

Phase Five

Miner Hosting For Members and Projects

We will be building additional space for miners in our data center to enable other projects to host miners at cost. This will be a net neutral cost to FSYC and will not impact your APY's etc. By doing this we can share the bulk pricing of miners and miner hosting to our holders and projects in the Kadena Ecosystem.

Phase Six

Trippy Morph

Morph your otter into a "trippy otter" to expand the reach of your membership and NFT. Morphs are unlocked when our mining division re-invests and grows to justify the expansion. It is the only morph unlocked by the profits of the DAO.

Phase Seven

DAO-Controlled Future

The DAO can vote to build or create anything in the future including Dapps, DEFI, platforms, DAO, and more to expand the Kadena ecosystem while generating revenue and exposure for Full Spend Mining. With this our operation will provide more value to holders around the world!

Phase Eight


Full Spend Mining

Full Spend Mining provides exposure to the amazing yet unapproachable opportunities of crypto mining. Whether you’re a curious beginner or a trading expert, we allow all crypto enthusiasts to expand their abilities and value on a low budget. Most people cannot have a truly profitable crypto-currency mine in their homes– the high costs, loud fans, and excessive heat outputs that always come with highly profitable miners is enough to make anyone hesitant at the thought of mining. As a company, we will be purchasing these miners ourselves to provide the benefits of our NFT holders and in turn, expose our Holders to mining without the financial burdens that come with building infrastructure to use miners safely in your home. Instead, we can monitor the activity of the miners 24/7 and insure the expensive equipment to mitigate risks. On top of this, we can reduce the cost of infrastructure per miner from upwards of 20%  down to a planned 4%. Our fully-maximized mint income distribution truly shows the dedication Full Spend Mining has towards our members and providing the highest APY of any NFT that is backed by viable and steady profits.


We provide

No Gas Fees

A decentralized platform built on Kadena, available to customers with little or no transaction fees and operational expenses.

Passive income

Our mining generates up to over 200% APY per NFT to distribute back to and provide benefits for holders.

Passive Scaling

Sit back relax and let Full Spend Mining grow and scale the mining division. In 5 years we can see an increase to over $2,400 generated per NFT per year!

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