$299 Presale on 10/22/22

Regular mint will be held after presale at $399 each.



The Otters

9999 Otters swimming onto the Kadena block-chain ecosystem! Backed by more green renewable mining power/profits than any other NFT, Full Spend Mining presents the highest APY generating NFT to own in 2023. No speculation, no gimmicks, no games, just pure gains! Every otter grants 1:1 voting power in our DAO, an allocation of a portion of the most profitable crypto miners in the world with rewards paid directly in KDA, and so much more.

Choose between staking your otter for up to over 200% APY in passive income paid directly in KDA or entering our life-changing sweepstakes pool and try your luck at winning a massive sum of KDA. Divide your otters between sweep stakes and passive income to customize how you profit from your NFT experience. Each otter will come with 3TH/s – 6.5TH/s of mining power, and will stabalize at or above 6.5TH/s as we sell out our mint.

With our DAO voting platform, we are a truly unique combination of community empowered by crypto mining. The sky is the limit with what is possible for us to accomplish.

The Fully Doxxed


Potent and effective, our team is built from the best in their field. From our founder excelling in ASIC  crypto mining and viral marketing amassing over 1.6 million followers and 60 million views a year, to our business advisor and future CEO, Shabo, who successfully founded, managed, and raised over $100 million for his non-profit corporation. Together with our Chief Marketing Officer and Technical advisors we are working hard around the clock to build tools to bring you easy to access passive mining income that is fully self sustaining and scales into the future. 

Riley Petitt

Founder, CEO & ASIC Specialist

Arron Ricks

Data Center Lead Engineer


Artist & Illustrator

Kyle Sherman

CMO & Marketing advisor


The math behind Full Spend Mining.

Full Spend Mining will use 10% of total mint funds for developing and building our ASIC data center that will enable us to host our miners. After development fees we will have 90% of total mint funds go directly into mining. This is over 20-30% more funds going directly into mining vs other mining projects, guaranteeing we are the most beneficial NFT per dollar spent.

Roadmap Overview

A mission like no other

What Can You Expect Before We Mint?

Before minting, we plan to implement numerous resources for members. We hold weekly open discussions on both Twitter and our Discord server to generate polls for the community to vote on– we’re built by our members and for our members! We also provide access to KDAcademy, a one-stop source for all knowledge KDA. Most importantly, we host giveaways that are held bi-weekly! You won’t want to miss the mint and start earning.


Crypto Mining Division Launch

With the ability to generate over $12 Million dollars yearly, the green renewable energy Mining Division is the core feature that gives Full Spend Mining memberships their value. That's over 200% APY a year per NFT. Did we mention we are set to more than 2.5X our yearly income with our reinvestment schedule over the next 5 years? The best part is it's all automated! So sit back relax and watch your mining power grow!

Phase One

Social Media Division Launch

Our social media division will broadcast all events including our sweepstakes onto social media in entertaining and fun ways. This will help the project grow and bring millions of views in free publicity while earning ad revenue off our content to further the goals of the DAO.

Phase Two

Staking Platform & Rewards

We will launch our platform that will enable you to stake your NFT to rent your allocation of a real Kadena miners or to temporarily opt out of passive rewards to test your luck in one of our life changing giveaways. You'll be able to earn rewards paid directly in KDA for life!

Phase Three

Full Spend DAO

The DAO will consist of a 1-to-1 representation per NFT. You will get to vote on numerous project details, including where mining income goes, how fast we reinvest and grow, how we distribute funds to holders, and even major decisions regarding expanding our collection via morphs and more! The future is in your hands.

Phase Four