Full Spend Mining

Full Spend Mining is a crypto mining rewards project that provides life time access to  passive income generated by crypto mining. With the potential to earn over 200% APY, we will be able to give back  $100,000’s of dollars a month to our holders. As a collective, we will be purchasing bulk ASIC miners maximizing our profitability and ROI. We will building a data center to house our ASIC miners. These ASIC miners are what will continue to provide the membership benefits and progression of the Full Spend Mining. We are set to purchase ASIC miners with a 6-12 month ROI. Full Spend Mining also provides the option for members to enter sweepstakes that will be broadcasted onto social media. By making this content naturally entertaining we can leverage our founders abilities with social media to generate massive amounts of exposure  for Full Spend Mining and its holders.

With the combination of profitable marketing and crypto mining, we are set to become the new standard for NFT projects while enabling anyone to engage with cryptocurrency. This truly unique culmination is what will set Full Spend Mining to be one of the largest media outlets on social media alongside being the most beneficial NFT you can be a part of. Our business model has been succeeding for over a year and we are excited to share its benefits on a larger scale for everyone’s betterment. Together our impact is greater.


Full Spend Mining

Full Spend Mining provides exposure to a hard-to-reach opportunity- Crypto mining. Whether you’re a curious beginner or a trading expert, we allow all crypto enthusiasts to expand their abilities and value on a low budget. Most people cannot have a truly profitable crypto-currency mine in their homes– the high costs, loud fans, and excessive heat outputs that always come with high-capacity miners are enough to make anyone hesitant at the thought of mining. As a company, we will be purchasing these miners ourselves to provide the benefits of our membership and in turn, expose our members to mining without the financial burdens and risks that come with building infrastructure to use miners safely in your home. Instead, we can monitor the activity of the miners 24/7 and insure the expensive equipment to mitigate risks. On top of this, we can reduce the cost of infrastructure upwards of 20% per miner down to a planned 4% While securing the best bulk prices for ASIC miners . With more of our mint funds going directly into buying miners than any other project we are truly structure with your benefit in mind.

With the incredible opportunity provided by the combination of crypto mining and viral social media marketing, Full Spend Mining creates a truly unprecedented opportunity for Members.

Alongside life-changing giveaways, our members also have the potential to make over 200% APY, with up to a 50% increase each year. Full Spend Mining is committed to maintaining and growing the divisions set to provide these benefits to members. This means within a 5 year period you could be generating an additional 250% APY for a total of %450 APY. On top of these benefits, we have many more plans to add further value to the community including exposure to other KDA projects and granting special opportunities. The best part is that you never have to make additional payments to enter. While you own our NFT, you will qualify for our member benefits for life, including entry into all of our sweepstakes.